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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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now breaking news. we're following a carbon monoxide leak that sent four people to hospitals. let's get right to randy gyllenhaal. tell us what you know. >> reporter: we're standing here on caster street in northeast philly and portions of this road have been shut down as investigator crews call a carbon monoxide leak. it's happening inside this brick building brazilian restaurant. behind are apartments and houses. they have moved us back away from this building. they are checking the carbon monoxide levels in the air after four people, including two kids were rushed to the hospital. fire officials tell us three of
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those victims were found unresponsive inside this building. we have seen crews going underground, trying to find the source of this leak. witnesses here have just told me they arrived to work at this building when they saw the children and their mother being taken out on stretchers. >> i know the lady and the kids that they brung out. two ladies and two adults. took one of the daughters and the brother to the hospital. >> reporter: and just want to clarify. we are on castor avenue in northeast philly. it's been shut down. they have just closed this road off, moved us back because they are concerned about the levels in the air and they may have smelled gas inside this building. four people to the hospital two children. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get it. randy gyllenhaal "nbc10 news." the clean-up is under way
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after damaging storms tore through our area yesterday. trees and power lines are down all across the area. look at this scene from delaware county skyforce10. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. the storms are still causing mass transit trouble. power outages at patco train service. this patco train stranded on the tracks this morning. check out the damage from last night's storm. skyforce10 above the shopping center in greenwich township gloucester county. the facade ripped off. witnesses reported seeing a twister shut down in the deptford mall. shoppers went to the basement. the winds knocked the roof off a nearby friendly's restaurant. an nbc10 viewer sent us a picture of a tree that came crashing down in collingdale
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county. looks like it barely missed that blue care sitting there on that street. here are the latest pourer outage numbers across the region. this has been updated in the last 15 20 minutes. pennsylvania, 137,000 peco without power. a representative told us most should have power back by friday. pse & g, 45,000. ac electric says 157,000 are in the dark. that number has gone up slightly in the past half hour. in delaware more than 15,000 delmarva customers are without power this morning. we have live team coverage of the storm damage throughout our area checking on efforts to restore power and information about getting around the mess. let's begin with nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long who's live in dechltptford
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gloucester county. >> reporter: some 200,000 without electricity in south jersey along. this little pocket in deptford does have power. this side of the street the restaurants are open, the gas stations are open. people are lining up at those stores because so many are without power. shopping carts from the storm last night that were on this side of the road ended up clear across the street. now, we wanted to show you the cupola that is clear taken off the roof of the friendly's restaurant. unfortunately, this tractor/trailer in our way. let's get to our video from deptford mall. down the street where a car was flipped onto its roof. you can see from skyforce10 a giant layer of metal siding literally ripped off the mall and landing near the entrance last night where people go into the mall. daylight gave us a closer look.
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trees knocked over and uprooted. one local farmer feels the straight-line winds, or worse a tornado, ripped through the area. he was trapped in his car, turning around to go home when skies got dark on the way to his son's basketball practice last night. >> we were dodging trees, everything getting -- just to get to my farm. but as you looked at it, it's a disaster. you can see it was a tornado. >> reporter: you think it was a tornado? >> oh, i know it was. >> reporter: now, i'm not certain if you can still hear us, vai, we totally lost our connection to you as internet signals have been really bad. take a look at the cupola off the friendly's restaurant behind the deptford mall. each municipality has to reach out to the national weather service, so they would be the one to confirm if in fact anything more severe than just these terrible and violent winds
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from last night's thunderstorm ripped through the area. were they straight-lynn winds? was it a tornado, as walter just mentioned? the mall down the street is open. some of the traffic signals that hold the lights above your car, the turn signals, they are shifted. crews will have a lot of work out here to do today. we'll update you with the power companies and their plan their time frame as to when they will restore power and electricity in this region. i hope you can still hear me. we're going to try to reconnect and we'll have that for you coming up at 11:30. live in deptford cydney long "nbc10 news." >> we heard you just fine. those images and pictures amazing. two reception centers will open at noon to help those without power. residents can come and charge their phones get water bottles, even snacks. one center will be at the county government services building in clayton. the other at the mt. royal fire department in east greenwich. with daylight came a better
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look at how powerful last night's storm was. all morning we've shown you pictures and video of widespread damage across our area. monique braxton is live for us in brookhaven. what can you tell us there? >> reporter: we've been monitoring the situation in brookhaven for two hours now. i'm at the intersection of brookhaven road and edgemont avenue. you can see the traffic. look at it. it's a mess. people are approaching, not knowing which direction to go in. until about 10:30, volunteer fire police were out here at this intersection directing traffic. all along this stretch of edgemont businesses are in the dark. let me show you at the smoke shop. no one is inside. they have the door open because it's still hot inside. just to your right, you see the automotive shop is operating on a generator, but the two businesses next to it are in the dark. we also found thousands of homes are in the dark. jennifer wilson of wallingford took us inside her powerless
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home and she shared with us how she's trying to salvage groceries she had just purchased before the storm. >> my little make-shift cooler. at least i have soda and water on ice because the guy at wala got the last three bags of ice so, i'm out of luck. i just went shopping. so, i'm full. >> reporter: now, delaware county folks are venturing out. that's another reason the traffic is heavy here. many have been shut up inside their homes, not only in the dark but it was very hot, as you know. yesterday over 90 degrees. also they're coming out to get ice, to get food whatever they may need. now, we've been told by the power company that 72,000 people in this part of delaware county lost power during the height of the storm. we have seen power crews out working to restore the power. they're not sure yet how soon you'll have electricity at your home, but we met a guy who was pouring gasoline into his
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generator. we're working on that for you at 11:30. live for now in brookhaven monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. kind of a free-for-all in that intersection in brookhaven. many roads are still a mess as you just saw. there are issues with mass transit as well. let's get an update from nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boying ingingboyington. >> in philadelphia around monument road. we have another set of downed trees, that's lower merion on 71st street blocking both sides there. still dealing with the debris on the new jersey turnpike, resulting in a speed restriction. down to 45 miles an hour on the new jersey turnpike between exit 3 and delaware memorial bridge. severely affecting mass transit this morning, septa has been suspended. fox chase resumed operation.
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paoli/thorndale shut down. and new jersey transit is suspended between atlantic city and philly. and paco dealing with power outages there. vai? ? >> thank you jessica. and it is shaping up to be a pretty nice summer day out there today. lots of sunshine and low humidity. as we look live outside here at center city philadelphia. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn, people dealing with the aftermath of last night's storm, but at least they have take nice day to do it. >> things are comfortable. nowhere near 95 degrees. nowhere near feeling like 101 like yesterday. blue skies. we don't have rain in the forecast until tomorrow night. but there is likely to be some more rain. it's a dry day today. there's nothing on radar. hardly any clouds in the sky.
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but the next system is in illinois already. there's nothing severe but there may be some heavy rain in parts of the area. by tomorrow night. and this is what happened late yesterday. there's this line of thunderstorms. as it came through the philadelphia area see it started bowing, as we call it. and when you have a bow echo, see this again, a little bit rounded. the wind right at the bow there. that's the strongest wind. that's where most of the damage was. from chester county through delaware county through gloucester county and out toward ocean county. well, right now things are pretty quiet. 76 degrees, low humidity. it's nice and comfortable. and it's in the 70s even in southern delaware. so as we go through the day today, temperatures getting into the mid-80s but low humidity relatively warm. we have those showers coming in
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tomorrow night, but also some rain affecting the weekend too. the forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then glenn. up next date with death. a date that could help with closure for so many victims and families as the formal sentencing is under way for the man convicted in the boston marathon bombings. plus policy change. the announcement coming from president obama today about how the u.s. government will deal with hostages and their families.
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exciting new video from vatican city. pope francis posing for a picture with philadelphia delegation in st. peter's square including archbishop charles chaput and mayor michael nutter. making final preparations for the pontiff's visit to the world meeting of families in september. >> it's an unparalleled experience. i look at philadelphia as being the birthplace of the american family, but the entire world is now looking at philadelphia and with the papal visit, it's tremendously exciting. to have this kind of opportunity to represent the bank and philadelphia is unparallel. >> also on the agenda the delegation is attending a luncheon for international media. the goal to promote philadelphia as a tourist destination all over the world. of course you can count on nbc10 for the latest developments and plans for the world meeting of families in september. chris cato will be in italy all week long with the delegation, bringing us live reports.
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meanwhile, back to the weather. right now this downed tree along city avenue is bringing traffic to a single lane at 71st street in philadelphia's overbrook section. traffic signal was brought to the ground after last night's powerful winds. well we had quite an active day yesterday, but we have the comfort returning during the day today. we have showers coming in tomorrow night, and we have rain coming in over the weekend. right now we have temperatures that are 76 degrees in philadelphia. and that's a whole lot cooler than yesterday. and we did get up to 95 yesterday. only about 87 degrees during the day today. it's 76 degrees right now with a northwest wind, dry wind.
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it's dry and cool all over the northeast with that offshore wind. at the shore we have similar temperatures. now, this is the general trajectory of where the strongest winds were. and you can see what i was telling you earlier about this bow echo. as the storm got closer to philadelphia, it started to get more rounded. and right there, you can see that. that is generally where the worst damage was. the damage reports, especially start at chester county going across south philly. the airport got 72-mile-an-hour wind. that's the fourth biggest wind ever recorded in philadelphia and out to ocean county. well, we have dry air across the area now. there's the next area of showers in illinois. and that does look like it's going to be affecting us. certainly not today, not tonight, and not into tomorrow morning. but later tomorrow. so here we are during the day tomorrow. we start off with sunshine.
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the clouds start to come in during the afternoon. and then here comes some showers, maybe even some thunderstorms, but it's relatively brief. it goes through thursday evening. we're left with generally dryer conditions during the day friday. it's not going to stay that way. we've got a storm developing back to the west. this happens to be the european computer model. not all the models are this pessimistic for the weekend, but this one has as an area of low pressure moving our way by saturday morning. we would have a wind coming in off the ocean to keep things cool. the storm tracks to our south which keeps the cool air in. we're talking about a rainy weekend if that scenario holds true. as we go through the day today, we'll be seeing a lot of sunshine a nice dry breeze high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s but it won't feel like it because of that low humidity.
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the seven-day forecast, we've got a sunny start to tomorrow and then by evening, as you saw, some showers and even some thunderstorms. it could last into early friday morning. but most of friday looks dry and then saturday chilly and rainy and showers may linger into sunday as well. thank you, glenn. tonight you're being asked to brave the shave in honor of a tough little girl from our area. 7-year-old cameron mccarthy has been diagnosed with ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. family and friends are rallying to help her win her fight. and here with me this morning, derek, cameron's first grade teacher at penhal elementary school and matthew mccarthy, cameron's older brother. tell me about cameron and what the school is doing to rally and help her out. >> cameron is a terrific little girl.
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she is smart. she is just -- she's the type of kid you want in your class. well-behaved. a terrific kid. and the school and community is doing a lot to support here right now. some things that have been done we had teen cameron day where everyone wore blue. on that day her brother and i, we shaved our heads in front of the whole school at an assembly to show support. there have been countless kids that have shaved their heads or donated hair. matt has done a great job celebrate -- bracelets. >> he brought me one. tell me about cameron and what it's like to be her brother. >> well a couple weeks ago she was diagnosed with cancer and
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she is a really great sister. she's been so good to me, so i've been really trying to help her win her fight against cancer. >> do you think she's been brave through this matt? >> yeah. >> she's hanging in there? >> uh-huh. >> how does she feel about all the support she's getting from the community and people like her school and teacher? >> i know her medicine makes her feel a little sick so when she sees all these people supporting her, it makes her feel good. >> that's nice. i understand cameron got a special fifty from philadelphia union goalie john mccarthy. what was that like? >> well she was really excited when she found out he was coming to see her. and he was really nice and he let us all shave his head. >> you guys are -- you guys are into this head-shaving thing, right? and you guys are going to do it again. you just did a while ago, but you're going to do it again tonight? >> yeah. >> that is awesome.
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aston township fire department will hold the shave the fund-raiser at the fire house at 2900 west dutton mill road in aston county. everyone is asked to come out or make a donation. for more information, head to our website, or check out the "nbc10 news" app. thanks for coming in. say hi to cameron for me okay? >> okay. >> good luck at the event. we appreciate it. a reminder nbc10 and nbc universal are giving money to nonprofit organizations as part of 21st century solutions. the application is on our website at you've got hurry because the deadline is next week, july 3rd.
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11: 25. we're following breaking news into the news room. skyforce10 is hovering over the new jersey turnpike where an oil tanker overturned. here's what we know so far. this is the exit ramp near exit 7. the oil is not leaking. there are investigators there on the ground. you see them walking around. we'll continue to follow this story. we'll monitor it and bring you new information as soon as we get it. and the clean-up is on. hundreds of thousands of customers are in the dark. scenes like this are common all across our area in the aftermath of severe weather. that left behind downed trees
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and wires and plenty of damage. our live team coverage continues just ahead. plus narrowing down their search. how authorities in new york are ewing new clues to pinpoint their search for two of the most wanted men in america.
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downed trees and caution tape could be seen from the air and skyforce10. we shot this video over the boulevard in northeast philadelphia a few hours ago. traffic in the area is not being affected there, but in montgomery county we got these pictures from an nbc10 viewer who lives along school lane drive in upper merion township. the entire area is without power yet. in camden county we saw several trees split in half. skyforce10 flew over several communities several to this one
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in berlin. officers are rerouting drivers away from this debris. there are some delays on amtrak and septa's regional rail lines as a result of the storms. here's a live look now at 30th street station in philadelphia. and here are the latest power outage numbers across the region. in pennsylvania, 137,000 peco customers are without power. a spokesperson told us this morning that most of those customers should have their power back on by friday. in new jersey pse & g, 49,000. ac electric has 170,000 are in the dark. that number has gone up in the last half hour 45 minutes or so. and 17,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without power. we have live team coverage throughout the area checking on efforts to restore power and information about getting around this mess. let's begin with nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney
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long, who's live in deptford gloucester county. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: a tractor/trailer blocked our view at 11:00. take a look at this the shear strength of mother nature. take a look at the cupola above the friendly's restaurant in deptford, completely knocked over. despite the damage the restaurant is still open. this pocket in deptford remarkably has power, with 200,000 across south jersey without it. new jersey electric tells us 280,000 people had their electricity knocked out. that's more outages than hurricane sandy's punch. already they have restored power to nearly 100,000. let's get to the video of deptford mall from skyforce10 we first brought you last night. we'll show you what it looks like right now. a car flipped upside down in the parking lot on the front side of the mall. out back a giant layer of metal siding completely ripped off
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near the entranceway where customers were walking in and out. wondering if they should leave to go home at that point in time. many of them taking cover on the lower level. the mall we can tell you, is back open today as clean-up to the interiorexterior is getting started. we're working also with businesses in the area asking all of them if any of them caught the storm as it happened on surveillance video. we'll certainly let you know if we get that. in the meantime said it felt like he was in a movie as he was trying with his grandson to get home safely. they turned around in the car when they saw a dark funnel-like cloud on their way to baseball practice. >> i seen it coming across. turned and made a u-turn and headed back to my farm. we were dodging trees, everything getting -- just to get back to my farm. as you looked at it, it's a disaster. >> reporter: now the biggest issue, of course, last night
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were those downed trees and wires and so many businesses being closed as a result of not having any electricity. also atlantic city electric as well as psg & e working in this area. atlantic city city electric told me all their crews will work around the clock and bringing in mutual aid from north jersey, crews from new england are also coming to south jersey as well as crews from as far away as ohio. they could not give us a good estimate as to exactly when the remaining outages, still more than 100,000, will be fully restored. we'll continue to check with them and will let you know just as soon as we do. live in deptford cydney long nbc10. >> in about half an hour two reception centers will open in gloucester county to help people without power. residents can come there, charge up their phones get water bottles, even snacks. one center will be at the county government services building in clayton. the other at the mt. royal fire
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department in east greenwich. and with daylight came a better look at just how powerful last night's storm was. all morning we've been showing you pictures and video of the widespread damage across our area. nbc10 monique braxton is live for you. we see where the light behind you isn't working and reduced to a four-way stop. tell us what's going on there now. >> reporter: i should tell you this area is under a state of emergency. in 30 minutes, county officials are going to update the community on when their power will be restored as well as the state of emergency. check out the intersection at brookhaven and edgemont. a lot of traffic in this part of the county. now, the police -- the volunteer fire police were at this intersection when we arrived about 2 1/2 hours ago. they were directing traffic at that point. people are venturing out, trying to figure out which way they should go because they've been in sweltering houses all night long without power.
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just a few moments ago, we talked to a gentleman who was gassing up his generator so that he could keep his family cool today. >> you have to be prepared and the clean-up is regular lawn work. >> you're very optimistic about it? >> yeah yeah. >> so you're going to be busy today getting -- >> filling up the generator, going to work coming back and cleaning up. >> reporter: bill from middletown told us that when the storm roared in trees started tumbling snagging power lines, as well as blocking roads. he says this is the kind of storm they've had in this community every couple of years. the neighborly spirit is what helps them get through. now, at the height of the storm, the power company told us that about 72,000 people were without power. we have been riding around the community now for about 2 1/2
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hours. we can tell you that power crews from outside our area have come to help restore power. still no timeline on when that will happen. but hopefully at noon we'll have more answers for you. you can find that information on our "nbc10 news" app as well as on the evening newscast beginning at 4:00. live for now from brookhaven monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. here's some information that you should know about if your power goes out and you can't recharge your phone, tablet or computer, nbc10 and comcast are helping you plug in and power up. several comcast/xfinity location are ready to recharge your devices for you. go to the "nbc10 news" app to find out the location nearest you. and it is the calm after the storm in this case. we're in for a pretty nice summer day throughout our area. here's a live look outside now at boathouse row in
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philadelphia. clear skies out there, too. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. i think we deserve this day because of what happened yesterday. >> yeah. and we very often get days like this after big storms. big storm, then you get a big area of high pressure building in with a lot of dry air. that's what we're seeing. a lot of blue in that sky today. and we're going to see sunshine throughout the afternoon. we have nothing on radar closeby. a little different story yesterday. and here is the next batch of rain in illinois. now, some of that that's coming in could be fairly heavy at times. tomorrow night. but nothing like this. this was the line yesterday. in is the line of where the worst damage was. you can see the bow in that radar pattern. there's the arrow. so, the strongest of the strong winds right in that general vicinity. so just widespread
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straight-line wind damage for the most part. temperatures in the mid-70s right now. 67 degrees at mt. pocono. we're in the mid-70s to the south, too. ocean temperatures dropped a few degrees to 66. the temperature's going to go up into the 80s but it's not going to feel like it because the humidity is so low. we hit 95 yesterday. it felt like 101. this afternoon it will feel like it's about 85. that's quite a change. and we'll see when we're going to get rain and how it may be impacting your weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. authorities believe last night's severe weather could be to blame for a deadly car crash outside of washington, d.c. investigators believe the truck was traveling down a road shortly after a strong storm had blown through the area and the truck hit a fallen tree that blocked the roadway. the 79-year-old man who was the only person inside that truck died at the scene. meanwhile, people living in illinois are cleaning up after nine tornadoes flattened much of
11:39 am
that area. some are working to patch roofs. others with no roofs are trying to save as many memories as they possibly can. the storm brought estimated winds of over 100 miles -- 160 miles per hour there, according to the national weather service. the strongest of monday's storms was an ef-3. that's the strongest storm system to hit chicago's metropolitan area in 25 years. right now the man convicted for his role in the 2013 boston marathon bombings is being formally sentenced. that hearing's under way for tsarnaev. he'll face the death penalty. at least 20 victims of the attack are set to speak at today's hearing. defense lawyers have not indicated whether tsarnaev will break his silence and address the court before his sentence is imposed. officials in northern new york are stepping up and narrowing down their search for
11:40 am
two escaped prisoners. searchers are checking atv trails and are going door to door as they try to close in on inmates david sweat and richard matt. authorities turned their focus to remote woods when leads from a hunting camp that was apparently broken in to led to evidence and dna matching two men. sweat and matt escaped from the prison on june 6th. meanwhile, in just about an hour president obama will announce a change in u.s. policy involving hostages. it clears the way for families of u.s. hostages to pay ransom to terror groups without fear of prosecution. the president is expected to announce the government can't help facilitate communications with terrorist on behalf of the families. president obama will speak about the policies soon after he meets with the families of americans who have been held captive. families who have lost loved ones in cabtivity have criticized the administration. the u.s. still will not pay ransom directly to terrorists as
11:41 am
some european governments have. we have new information this morning about the death of freddie gray. autopsy results reveal more details about how he died while in custody of baltimore police. the report obtained by the baltimore sun says gray suffered a high-energy injury. he was arrested april 12th. he was severely injured while in police custody and died days later. the autopsy report suggests gray hit the wall of the police van as it changed directions. the medical examiner suspects gray may have tried standing up in the van but because his wrists and ankles were shackled he was at a greater risk of injury from being tossed around. while "the baltimore sun" obtained the opposite report they have not released it yesterday. maryland state attorney made this statement, i want to make it very clear that the state's attorney's office did not release the freddie gray autopsy report. as i have repeatedly stated, i strongly connecticut democrat anyone with access to trial
11:42 am
evidence who has leaked information prior to the resolution of this case, close quote. all six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have pleaded not guilty. prosecutors plan to try them in october. one of the officers charged has ties to our area. edward nero was a firefighter in washington county gloucester county, for a decade, before joining the force in baltimore. well they may make washing your clothes a breeze but better watch out. a new warning about just how many kids are eating those colorful detergent pods. againglenn? >> enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because i'm tracking big changes in time for the weekend.
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renewed warning for parents about liquid laundry pods. 30,000 calls made to poison control centers since 2011 because children accidentally eating the podz. they experienced symptoms like difficulty breathing, excessive vomiting and temporary vision loss. well this week's wednesday children are truly a dynamic duo. a fun and energetic brother and sister who would bring a lot of love to a supportive and nurturing family. i want to introduce you to david and natalie. david and natalie are a happy and fun-loving duo. they share a love of being active and enjoy each other's
11:46 am
company. they are always up for some fun and adventure, so we headed to a place that provides all that. sahara sam's in west new jersey. they had a blast and they didn't know what ride they wanted to do first, so they did them all. 11-year-old david is in the fifth grade and loves to read. and he has a passion for sports. >> david is very into sports. probably football is his favorite but he does like soccer and baseball. loves the philadelphia teams. >> reporter: younger sister natalie is 9 years old and she's in the third grade. she loves gym at school and playing soccer. she also enjoying doing girly things. >> i would say natalie is probably the queen of stickers. loves stickers of any kind. >> reporter: they're looking for a family that will provide love and support. they know what's important to them. tell me why it's important that you guys stay together? >> because we love each other. >> whoa! almost in unison.
11:47 am
the ideal family would one that loves to be on the move and can keep up with this energetic duo. >> family that is active families that are willing to really learn about their specific needs and a family that has a lot of time and love and attention to give them. >> you can go over there and jump in the waves. >> david and natalie are this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you're wondering why you don't see any other kids there, it's because sahara sands closed the park and just opened it just for those two. thank you very much. if you would like to make david and natalie's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go to and search wednesday's child. you can call the anational adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. hundreds of people will gather in bucks county this saturday for a walk to put an end to a disease that you probably never heard of. but it's one that affects the lives of many children throughout our area.
11:48 am
gwen is the head of this year's walk. welcome. tell us what nf is and your personal connection. >> it stands for neurofibromatosis and causes tumors to grow on nerve endings and causes a host of other issues. it can cause learning disabilities, physical challenges with regard to walking, developing and a host of other things. my personal connection my daughter was diagnosed at 9 months, she has ms-1. she's doing well but it's been an eye-opening experience. >> the walk is this saturday. >> it is. >> all the proceeds and money that's raised, tell us how it's used for those. >> the funds that are raced through the nf walks go to fund research that will bring new treatments to clinical trial and
11:49 am
hopefully help us find a cure for this condition some day. >> she certainly looks like she's a happy girl. >> she's amazing. >> i'm sure you're proud of her. >> amazing. a real joy. >> we wish you luck. don't miss the fourth annual children's tumor foundation nf walk happening on saturday june 27th at doylestown central park on 452 wells road in doylestown bucks county. the registration starts at 8:30 in the morning. if you need more information, head to our website. we'll have a link for you, or check out the nbc10 app. good luck and good luck with the walk on saturday. hope you raise a ton of money. >> so do we. a world of difference between yesterday and today. yesterday the temperature was going up toward 90. the humidity was just unsufferable. but today the humidity is way lower. the comfort has returned.
11:50 am
we also have some showers that are going to be returning as early as tomorrow night. and some rain potentially a lot of rain. over the weekend as you'll see in a minute. look at blue sky out there. just a beautiful looking day. 76 degrees. the winds northwest is 10 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. yesterday we hit 95 degrees officially. 67 in mt. pocono. in the mid-70s across most of the rest of the area. as you can see, but what about the shore? we very often see big differences, not so much today. we have that northwest wind so it's 79 in beach haven. 76 in avalon. 73 in lewis, delaware. the ocean temperature has dropped a little bit since yesterday. now, we have dry conditions. hardly a cloud in the sky now. the next system back into illinois. it's not a big storm.
11:51 am
it's going to move pretty quickly. looks like it's mainly going to be affecting us tomorrow night. that's what the futurecast is going to show. here we go through the night tonight. we hardly have a cloud in the sky. tomorrow morning we start off sunny. then the clouds start to come in in the afternoon. and then here comes showers late afternoon and into the evening. maybe even some thunderstorms. as if we need any more rain in dell and south jersey. wilmington already has the fourth wettest june ever recorded. over 9 inches of rain. don't need any more. remember last month we were in a drought. friday morning and things are quieting down. now, we were showing you one of the computer models. this happens to be the wessest one showing a storm moving by to our south. the wind would be coming in off the ocean. bringing rain chilly conditions saturday, saturday night, even into sunday. but how much rain sfr?
11:52 am
again, this is the same computer model so we're starting off saturday morning without a whole lot. but watch what happens as we go through the day saturday and into sunday? 2 to 3 plus inches of rain. here's another computer model as we go into sunday night. 2 to 3 plus inches of rain. that's at least showing the potential for heavy rain at some point over the weekend in some part of the area. so we're going to stay tuned. we'll update that through the rest of the week. today is only wednesday. it does illustrate number one, there's a potential for a lot of rain. number two, that the greatest potential for rain is in delaware and extreme south jersey this weekend. lower chances up toward the poconos. sunny and breezy today. mid-80s for the high but low humidity. tomorrow sunny start. by the end of the day and in the evening, showers and
11:53 am
thunderstorms around. we start drying out on friday. but then that east wind comes in with the rain on saturday and it looks like a pretty chilly damp weekend before we start warming up next weekend. automated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 1:00, the phillies take on yankees in new york. phils going for the sweep after beating the yanks the first two games. then on to "nbc10 news" at 4:00. the efforts to shrink the size of gaming halls in one local town. nbc10 with the latest developments in the struggling casino community this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a final check of your weather. >> how many homers franco hits this afternoon? >> he's hot. >> he's amazing. the weather is pretty amazing today. it's warm but the humidity is very low. a lot of sunshine and a lot more comfortable than yesterday. the showers return. tomorrow night some showers, maybe even thunderstorms. could be heavy rain then. could also be heavy rain over the weekend with much koomer weather. >> here's a reminder if you're caught in these circumstances without power, if your power goes out and can't recharge your phone, your tablet or computer
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